Why Is iLearn iLead The Best Option For Your Family?

ilearn ilead daycare program

At iLearn iLead Academy, our mission is to create a sacred place for our youngest to evolve. 

We like to think of our program as the nest in which our youngest take their time before earning their wings in the school program.

Our entire purpose in this warm nest is to generate, nurture and inspire wholeness.

Our children are our evolution and as educators and guides, it is our duty to inspire and cultivate their:

  • imagination
  • innocence
  • love for themselves and others, and 
  • aspiration into greatness and confidence within themselves

What Sets Our Nursery Program Apart From Any Other?

Our program has been cultivated and rooted in core truths and core values that awaken and inspire our students. No matter the age, we believe in instilling and enhancing love for self, love for others;  weaving these truths into our enriched curriculum. 

Arts, drama, yoga, STEM, fine and gross motor skills, and letter and number recognition, are a few of the many subjects the children will explore during the day. 

Having a curriculum enriched with bountiful education, spiritual awareness, and the possibility to develop critical thinking; combined with a welcoming safe environment for the students to feel free to express themselves, free to think, free to believe, and free to fully be themselves, is an attractive option for your child and family.

We Welcome And Invite You To Our Loving Nursery Nest Open House On Friday November 11th At 4pm

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